Jack and Valentina Fussell

We believe that your story deserves a lifetime of coverage. Our approach to photography is rooted in a love for people's stories. Our desire is to be your life-time photographers, there for the events that are significant in your life story. We see the world as editorials, stories to be told, captured, designed and shared.  You are our inspiration and we want to come along side you, explore what makes you unique and then capture and communicate this story visually.

For twelve years we lived abroad in Spain, Morocco and most recently Copenhagen, Denmark.  We have recently moved the five of us 5,000 miles to make Portland our home.  While in Copenhagen we discovered the importance of providing a lifetime of coverage to our friends/clients as we were able to provide a unique service by providing multiple types of photography to each client as they needed. Whether it's portraits, families, events, fashion or travel we approach it with the same desire, to tell a great story.  We would love to work with you and help you to design and capture the editorial of your life.

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